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We've designed the quickest, easiest, secure check-out form experiences. Your customers will be watching your content in seconds.

World Class Watching Experience

Our streaming video player adapts to the viewers connection speed, so playback is never interrupted. Watch on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Access your video library on your Roku, stream to your TV using AppleTV & Chromecast, and use the VHX iOS app to watch on the go.

Start Selling in Minutes

  • Upload Anything

    Sell any kind of video content: Features, series, shorts, educational videos, or bonus material.

    Upload videos quickly with Dropbox, Aspera, or our native uploader.

    Upload subtitles to help expand your audience.

  • Flexible Package & Pricing

    Bundle one or more of your videos into packages, and name your price.

    Sell pre-orders! Give customers immediate access to exclusive content. They'll get charged on launch day.

    Upload and include other digital bonus material like PDFs, soundtracks, or photos.

  • Sell from anywhere

    Create a beautiful website storefront for free with our theme engine and customizable themes.

    If you already have a website, embed our checkout form there for seamless integration.


It's up to you: Offer your fans downloads or rentals, or give them the option
to pay on recurring basis for access to your very own Subscription Network. Learn more.

Essential promotional tools

  • Screeners

    Screeners let you send a free streaming-only copy of your movie to your favorite journalists, bloggers, friends, business partners.

  • Coupons

    Create coupon codes to promote your project at events or hold weekend flash sales. Codes can be exclusive, or custom to your campaign.

  • Social Gifting

    Customers can buy one copy and get 3 free to give to their friends. We're constantly building new ways to expand your audience.

Your Data Belongs to You

Check your dashboard for tons of detailed sales & traffic analytics, updated every day. Get to-the-second information about every customer, including their email address.

Chad gifted Star Wars Uncut to a friend. 1 hour ago
Steve bought Harmontown: Deluxe Edition 15 minutes ago

Fulfill a crowdfunding campaign

Distribute digital rewards to your Kickstarter or Indiegogo backers for free. After your campaign, import your mailing list into VHX and use Updates to stay connected to your fans.

Talk to your customers

Use Updates to share news, pictures, or clips at any point in the lifespan of your project. All of your followers receive your Updates via email to keep them engaged.

Seamless integrations


    Link to your VHX site on your YouTube videos using Annotations to drive sales.


    Tweeting a link to your VHX site automatically generates a VHX video player, right within Twitter.


    Include physical goods with our Shopify and BigCommerce integrations.

  • Wordpress

    Have an existing website powered by Wordpress? Our official plugin will get you selling in seconds.

  • Embeddable Tools

    Integrate quickly and easily into your existing site with our trailer and check-out embeds!

  • API

    Our API allows you to extend VHX to any project you like.

We handle your customer support

We provide the fastest and friendliest support to your all your customers.

Hey Casey! It's easy, just follow these simply instructions ... —Steve
I pre-ordered but my card has expired. How do I update? —Casey

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