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VHX is an open platform for selling video directly to your audience. Our publishers have grossed over $10.3 million and served 1.5 million happy customers to date.

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What you make in a year on YouTube, you could make in one month on VHX.

  • Way beyond ads

    It takes one million YouTube views to earn as little as $1,000 in ad revenue. With direct sales, it only takes hundreds of fans to get there.

  • Your brand first

    Control the way your work is presented. Showcase it on your own site in your voice, with your strategy, for your audience.

  • Own Your Audience

    Get full access to your data — including your customer's email addresses — so you can connect, engage, and build a sustainable business delivering your work straight to them.

Anyone can use VHX

Whatever your content, whatever your reach, you find success selling with VHX. And you'll be in good company:

  • Bet, Raise, Fold


    VHX Fans

    • 560
    • 5.1k
    • -
  • Expelled


    VHX Fans

    • 3.0m
    • 160k
    • 190k
  • The Brenizer Method


    VHX Fans

    • 260
    • 7.0k
    • 37k
  • Starpocalypse


    VHX Fans

    • 81k
    • 2.5k
    • 15k
  • Fading West


    VHX Fans

    • 120k
    • 390k
    • 2,241,354
  • Beauty Is Embarra...


    VHX Fans

    • 240
    • 1,818
    • 9.1k
  • Rachel Brathen Yoga


    VHX Fans

    • 28k
    • 29k
    • 190k
  • VICE


    VHX Fans

    • 5.8m
    • 922,000
    • 3.9 MM
  • From Bedrooms to ...


    VHX Fans

    • 1.1k
    • -
    • 4.7k
  • Miss Representation


    VHX Fans

    • 3.8k
    • 80k
    • 260k
  • Jerusalem U


    VHX Fans

    • 2.1k
    • 12k
    • 20k
  • CHUG


    VHX Fans

    • 580
    • 2.0k
    • 9.5k
  • Gary Hustwit


    VHX Fans

    • 740
    • 150k
    • 8.4k
  • East Nashville To...


    VHX Fans

    • 0.0
    • 180
    • 990
  • The Wonder Year


    VHX Fans

    • 6.2k
    • 3.3k
    • -

Our Publishers Love Us

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There's More than One Way to Sell

VHX gives you the flexibility to present your work in all kinds of ways. Include bonus content. Create deluxe editions. Sell subscriptions. Use Pay-What-You-Want pricing. Do whatever makes for the best-ever fan experience by giving your audience what they want, how they want it.

  • Premieres & Finales

    Debut your series premiere or finale for early access!

  • Subscriptions

    Launch your own streaming video service and give your fans unlimited access to new and archived video for a monthly or annual fee. Learn More.


    Make your work available for pre-order, and include digital bonus content to thank fans who buy before your official release date.

  • Slacker Backers

    Want to keep your crowdfunding campaign alive? Sell access to your project updates.

  • Special Editions

    Bundle up extra content into deluxe collections. Include music, scripts, goofs and more!

  • Pay What They Want

    Want to let your audience decide what to pay? Our Pay-What-You-Want feature lets customers show their support by paying more.

  • Bundle Your Work

    Have more than one title? Use past projects to promote your new one by selling them together. Or, sell all the episodes of a series individually or together.

  • Sell Worldwide

    Reach audiences all over the globe. VHX works everywhere and has top-notch subtitle support.

  • Bundle with Merch

    Have a DVD, poster, t-shirt, or other awesome thing to sell? Bundle it with a digital download using one of VHX's integrations.


Your customers can easily access everything they own on the web, iPhone app, Roku app, or Chromecast.

All the support

Our staff is in this with you. Not only do we provide fast, full customer support, we've got your back when it comes to building a business on VHX. Ask us anything about getting set up, pro-tips for selling, and more.

All the tools

We are building tools hand-crafted for you. Free secure screeners, coupons, free copies, crowdfunding fulfillment, free website templates, and tons more.

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