• Fulfill your campaign

    Once your campaign is complete, use VHX to fulfill all your digital rewards. See our pricing.

  • Publish a great website

    Use VHX to build a dedicated homepage so new fans can learn about your project.

  • Grow your audience

    Import your email list into VHX and keep your fans engaged.

  • 3rd-party fulfillment

    Easy integration with Shopify, Backerkit, Bigcommerce, or use our API for 100% custom integrations.

Over 100,000 backers served

These projects all started their journey and continue to sell worldwide using VHX.

  • Instant streaming & downloads

    Your customers can instantly stream in HD and download for offline use.

  • Works globally

    Anyone with an Internet connection + a credit card can buy your videos.

  • Bonus Content, Subtitles, Deluxe editions

    Add additional content and product your work however you like.

  • Theme editor

    Create a beautiful site, designed for video, with our easy-to-use theme editor.

  • Secure screeners

    Send watermarked, time-limited screener copies to press and other contacts.

  • Talk to your audience

    Keep your audience in the loop with built-in messaging.

  • Keep your Data

    See all traffic, sales, and customer activity in real time on your dashboard.

  • Mobile-friendly

    All VHX sites are mobile-optimized and work on any device.

  • Developer-friendly

    Build your own platform on top of our technology using our API.

  • Merchandise

    Easily integrate with 3rd party e-commerce providers to sell bundles of your content with physical goods. Note: We do not handle fulfillment for physical goods.

  • Support

    We handle all questions and support for your customers. Contact us any time for help.

  • Embed anywhere

    Use our embeddable buy form and video player on any site.

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