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YouTube Comedian Jack Vale Launches His Own Subscription Channel

by Lanna Apisukh · March 16, 2016 · Comments

Jack Vale is like a big, smiling whoopie cushion for the internet age. The comedian and funny family man got his start in the video business by posting pranks to YouTube, growing his fanbase to over 1.5 million subscribers and netting over a half a billion video views. Now he is launching his own Jack Vale video subscription service on VHX.

Vale’s signature prank videos typically involve hiding cameras in public places, such as a Target shopping aisle or parking lot, and generally freaking people out with his clever social media experiments. He also brings his comedy to Jack Vale: Offline, a reality series centered around him and his family setting up pranks (for the Vales, it’s a family business). 

Why launch his own SVOD? Find out what drives Jack Vale to be a professional comedian and what his fans can expect from his new subscription channel, powered by VHX. 

How long have you been making videos?

Right after high school in the early nineties I used to make videos with my buddies from church. We made parody videos of the TV show COPS and that's when I knew I really wanted to make funny content. I always loved Saturday Night Live, stand up comedy and all the old hidden camera prank shows. Who inspired me in my personal life was my stepdad. He passed away a few years ago and was still making fart jokes until the end.

Why make the move to your own subscription service?  

Honestly, YouTube (and other platforms) are great and have a significant purpose but you have the authentic fans who love you, and also the fans who love to hate you. This is a great way to separate them. What a great feeling to know that every single person who is watching my content on VHX is there because they love me. I was looking for a good way to accomplish this.

How do you think the subscription model will help build your career? 

I think the paid subscription model will help build up my brand and help me create some incredible content that couldn't be made otherwise. It is getting more and more difficult for creators to make money giving away their content for free and relying solely on ad revenue. I'll be using the subscription fees to step up the quality of my pranks, sketches, and even some new original series.

What exclusive videos are you giving to subscribers? 

I'm uploading exclusive pranks and sketches that will be ONLY on VHX, available to my paid members. It is all comedy that you can watch with your whole family. As you may know, I have a soft spot for family-friendly content and this is an area I am going to expand a lot of this year. I am also uploading several of my classic YouTube videos so that my subscribers can watch them ad free.

Who are some of your favorite video creators? 

In comedy, I love the very funny Rhett and Link who I think are brilliant. In the vlog world I like Shay Carl and his family (wonderful people). My favorite online series is Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee by Jerry Seinfeld. As for pranks, there aren't many I care for anymore. I can't stand mean-spirited ones. I still love Greg Benson, Ed Bassmaster, Tom Mabe and Uncle John (my uncle who I am actually developing a TV show with right now for a major network). I like funny stuff. For me to be entertained by a prank video, it's just as important for the prankster to have a certain comedic talent as it is to have a good reaction from the marks in their pranks. I don't do this for the pranks, I do it for the comedy. :)

What advice would you give to aspiring video creators or comedians that are looking to launch a video service? 

Yes. Use VHX to grow your core fan base of supporters. Then, use other “free" platforms to promote your paid service. Then, be consistent. The subscribers who are paying for your exclusive content are essentially investing in you.

Subscribe to Jack Vale and get pranks and family-friendly comedy on demand!

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