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4 Ways to Grow Your Business with Video Analytics

by Forest Conner · July 26, 2016 · Comments

When you’re running a streaming video service, data is key. Growing your business is all about understanding what your customers want and scaling it — access to real, clear stats helps you do just that. 

At VHX, we’re working to connect video-makers directly with their audience, so we get very excited about data. We provide comprehensive customer, traffic, and sales data to our sellers from the minute they sign up. Building on this theme of transparency, we just launched new advanced video analytics tools that detail how customers are watching your videos. 

So how do you put great data to work? Here are four actionable ways to use video stats to improve your subscription network.

1. Viewer data should inform your content decisions

Check out the playback statistics for your videos. View count is a great thing to look for, but also pay attention to how many people finish a video. If a good percentage of your subscribers are watching the content you add to your service, you know you’re making the right kind of content. If they aren’t watching, or the average completion is low, you know that it’s time to change things up. Maybe you need to vary the content, or make shorter versions.

2. See which devices matter

People aren’t just watching videos on their computers. And everyone has their own preference for which phone/TV/screen they like best. On VHX, we break down video stats by platform, so you can track which devices customers are using to watch each video. That way you can tell if people are more inclined to watch your videos on mobile, web, or a connected device like Roku or Apple TV. This will allow you to focus your content around the type of audience you have. Sometimes mobile users love short, punchy content, while those watching on their TV are usually looking for longer form content. And if the majority of your videos are being viewed on, say, Android devices, that’s a huge opportunity for your own branded app.

3. Get your licensing deals right

If your video service has multiple video creators, or you have other kinds of content rights holders, rejoice! Dig in to how many times a video is being watched, and for how long, so you can pay content rights holders accurately. Video-level analytics should also allow you to dice up the numbers by days, weeks, and months, making licensing and payments smoother. As we iterate on VHX video stats over the next few months, we’re planning to add functionality around aggregating this data and making it even easier to take action on your video content.

4. Use geographic data to expand globally

Location, location, location! Check out where your audience is watching around the world, and what subtitled languages they use most. This should drive your plans for adding subtitles to future videos, or to potentially pursue new markets with content strategy or advertising. Are you big in the UK but want to move into France? This data can go a long way to tell you just how successful you are at doing that.

Dive into your VHX video stats to start growing your audience with these strategies. 

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