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Getting Started With Your SVOD Network: A Video Guide

by KK Apple · July 22, 2016 · Comments

Developing and setting up a streaming video service sounds like it could be a Herculean task. But if you’ve already put the time and effort into creating videos and a content plan, getting the technology launched is actually super easy. You could have your own subscription video service up and running in just a few minutes, powered by VHX. 

We put together this step-by-step video for setting up a subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) network. If you’re signed up for VHX and have videos, you’re ready to go. Zero to SVOD in seven-ish minutes!

Once you’ve got the basics set up, you can make tweaks and changes to your heart’s content. In fact, that’s kind of the deal with running a subscription service — you want to keep your content and promotion strategies fresh all the time. 

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