Captivate Subscribers With Our New Watch Experience

by Chris Kurdziel · November 11, 2016 · Comments

Audiences expect a high-quality video network when they pay for a subscription each month. That starts with great content (hey that’s you), but there’s also a large experiential component — how subscribers discover, interact with, and watch that content. For VHX-powered networks, we take care of that.

Recently we’ve been working on a bunch of features that improve the way your customers experience your videos. It’s kind of like a viewer expansion pack: new organizational tools, upgraded designs, and player improvements. All things that elevate your channel full of great content to an SVOD network that keeps people coming back.

Slick new browsing 

We gave video browsing a re-design! Instead of scrolling down the page, viewers can now scroll through rows horizontally —  a very “Netflix-like” experience for your subscribers. Why is this a good thing, you ask? For starters, it makes finding and watching videos a lot faster. No more drilling into collections and back out searching for something to watch. It’s easy for viewers to quickly scroll through a larger amount of content on the web and across apps.

Get creative with collections

One thing we know for sure about successful SVOD networks: A rich and expanding library of content will keep subscribers coming back, month after month. So in addition to a better layout that gets people watching quickly, we’ve added new tools to help you manage your growing libraries. Categories allow you to organize how your videos and collections show up for browsing subscribers. It’s a great opportunity for you to offer more curation of your own network — you could display video collections by genre, release date, or any other category that speaks to your content.

Check out seller MHz Choice for a great example of how to use collections to craft a compelling browse experience.

Save to My List

To top it off, we’ve added a new “My List” functionality to your browse page. Viewers can now add individual videos to their own personal list from anywhere on your network. Subscribers can use the list to watch later, curate their own collection of favorites, or just remember to watch that funny part of episode three with a friend.

Even better video playback

Video playback and speed is always a huge priority for us. Because, you! We care a lot about how the VHX technology works to make your videos look great. Recently we time improving our player under the hood. Now your videos should stream faster for everyone, especially users with funky internet connections.

Tell us what you think of all this new new! And stay tuned, as we continue making updates that keep your video networks looking gorgeous for subscribers.