The New VHX Shopify App: Sell Digital Video in Your Store

by Casey Pugh · February 3, 2016 · Comments

We just built a super simple way to connect VHX with Shopify, a platform that powers e-commerce storefronts. Whether you sell DVDs, t-shirts, or movie posters, you can use the new VHX Shopify app to bundle your physical merch with digital video. 

It’s all about getting high quality digital video directly to your customers — no more emailing clunky zip files. We built the VHX Shopify app so you can give your audience the best viewing experience everywhere. Upload any kind of video, and connect your Shopify store with your VHX content. We take care of the rest!

If you’re already selling physical goods in a Shopify store: Adding digital video is a big win. You can seriously boost your business by giving customers more ways to watch. After purchasing, your customers will receive their digital copy and can immediately stream or download videos. Plus, they can watch anywhere: on the web, mobile web, with Airplay and Chromecast, or through the VHX apps on iOS, Android, and Roku. All of these options are a big sell for your viewers, and also a chance to really expand your reach to a global audience (who may not want to pay for those DVD shipping fees).

If you’re already selling digital video: This is a great chance to add physical goods to your digital offering. VHX sellers have bundled video together with t-shirts, stickers, Blu-rays, and even cassette tapes. We’ve seen that dedicated fans will pay a premium for a product jam-packed with extras. Pair a DVD with an instant film download, or give fans a behind-the-scenes video of your band to go with a CD. Or how about a t-shirt/fitness video combo? This is all about creative packaging, so think like a fan and make the products great!

There are already some great examples of the VHX Shopify app in action. Yoga With Adriene uses the app to offer online yoga classes alongside t-shirts and tank tops for their yogi community. Punk documentary Filmage: The Story of Descendants/ALL has a bunch of different bundle options for fans — combinations of DVDs, posters, mugs, and more. 

We’re excited about this new integration because we see it as another great tool to help sellers build their business online. 

If you have an e-commerce store, how are you selling physical merch on your website? What are your favorite platforms to use? Share over in the VHX Forums