New VHX Dashboard Gives Sellers All Kinds of Subscription Data

by Chris Kurdziel · June 16, 2016 · Comments

It’s a brand new Dashboard! As VHX has grown over the past few years, we’ve created a bunch of new tools for sellers to get their videos into the hands, screens, and tablets of their fans. The VHX Dashboard didn’t quite keep up with that rapid development, so today we’re unveiling a fresh coat of paint and a few new nifty things under the hood. 

The VHX Dashboard is a comprehensive look at traffic, sales, and subscription numbers — the kind of analytics that you need when you’re building a thriving video business. We’re all about giving our sellers access to all of their own data, so you can take ownership of growth and actively optimize your marketing and content strategy. 

The first thing you’ll notice about the new VHX Dashboard is it’s divided into a high-level summary section and tabs for products, subscribers, and traffic. The information about revenue and expenses in the dashboard now better reflects the info you see at the end of the month on your VHX statements.

In the products tab, you’ll see information about the products you’re distributing using VHX — everything from transactional videos sold on your VHX site, to free copies, to subscriptions being administered via in-app-purchases on iOS. It breaks down where sales are fulfilled, so you can track how your products are doing on various platforms. 

On the subscribers tab, you’ll find deep insights about your customers if you’re running a subscription service. You can dive into subscriber growth and churn from month to month, and  we’ll even tell you why people canceled their subscription (Lack of new content? Price too high?) so you can reach back out and get them to resubscribe. Soon we’ll also let you offer promotional coupons for subscriptions to help sweeten the deal.

Finally, on the traffic tab you’ll see detailed information about how people find you online, plus additional insights on which platforms they use. We’ll be adding even more information to this section in the coming months, so you can best understand how viewers are interacting with your website and apps.

Our new dashboard is a powerful new way of slicing and dicing your data, no matter how you’re using VHX. There are even more improvements coming down the road! Check it out in your own dashboard or get a full walkthrough, and send us feedback. Happy dashboarding!