Know Your Subscribers: The New VHX Customers Page

by Chris Kurdziel · August 22, 2016 · Comments

A huge piece of running a successful video business online is your relationship with your customers. This relationship is even more important for a subscription network, because your growth depends on keeping customers happy each month. Understanding your customers and engaging them at various points in their life cycle as subscribers can meaningfully impact the economics of your business. We wanted to build a place where you can get detailed insight into different segments of customers and take action accordingly.

Today we’re really excited to announce a major new addition to the VHX admin. The Customers page! Check it out:

Segment your audience

The Customers page lets you slice and dice your customers into different segments, based on what they’ve purchased, whether they’re subscribed, or when and how for each. A few of our favorite filters let you see:

  • Customers that are currently in a free trial. 
  • Customers who paused their subscription. 
  • Customers who just canceled.

Dig into a customer’s history

Click on a customer in filtered list and you’ll be treated to their entire history of actions with you. See what they've purchased and when they purchased it. For subscriptions, we’ll show you if they’ve canceled and re-subscribed, converted from a free trial to a paying subscription, and if they’re paying monthly or annually. It’s a full picture of their behavior as a customer.

Export customer info

All of the lists and data on the Customers page can also be easily saved to use elsewhere. You can choose to export your entire customer list or just one filtered subset — the resulting CSV includes relevant info, like the customer’s most recent purchase and which platform they used to purchase.

Take action

With a list of filtered customers exported, there’s a bunch of smart things you can do. Import lists into Facebook Ads Manager to target churned customers with ads, or build Lookalike audiences of recently added customers. Or use a list in Mailchimp to send coupons to churned customers or send a thank you note to longtime subscribers. There are so many options for turning this data into action for your business — drop us a line if you need more ideas.

This is the first step of what will become a much more robust tool for interacting with your customer base. Check it out and let us know what you’d like to see added in the coming months!