The VHX API is Open: Build Your Custom OTT Video Network

by Kevin Sheurs · February 18, 2016 · Comments

It’s a launch! And a big one for VHX. We are very excited to announce our public API — all the technology you need to run your own custom SVOD network. 

We’re building VHX to be a beautifully simple, self-serve platform where video creators can sell their work from their own website, and on branded apps for every device

What if you want something 100% custom? The VHX API can be your technology backbone. Whether you want to build a brand new in-house OTT channel, or already have an SVOD service and want to customize more, the VHX API provides all the tech components you need. 

That list of components? It’s really long. Before the VHX API, creating your own OTT network would be a huge undertaking because of all the folks you’d have to hire and services you’d have to use —you could easily pay up to six or seven figures. 

We put all of these things in one developer-friendly API. Some highlights:

  • Video content management (metadata and tagging capabilities) and encoding 
  • Branded HTML5 video player, Roku, AppleTV, iOS, and Android apps
  • Video analytics per device, geography, and customer engagement
  • Entitlements — you control when and where customers have access to content
  • Global CDN delivery for fast, reliable video streaming
  • Industry-standard DRM (optional)
  • Simple, pay-as-you-go pricing

It’s the first API of its kind with this full spectrum of features: Anyone can sign up, leverage all of these features, and launch their SVOD network in under a week. If you’re interested in using the API for apps, we can get you up and running in under a month.

You need a developer to utilize the VHX API, but you don’t have to be a huge company. We built the API to make sure that that we’re doing all tech heavy-lifting, and you can launch with just a few front-end engineers and designers. We see this as an opportunity for anyone, big or small, to launch their own custom, scalable SVOD service. This is your chance to make your own HBO Now, apps and all. We think an open VHX API is important because it gives individuals and smaller companies access to the same technology that big, resource-rich companies have. 

The VHX API means a lot to us as a company because we’ve always thought of ourselves as a technology first. When we started VHX in 2012, we didn’t see anyone offering an end-to-end option for selling premium video. Everything required upfront commitments, and only solved for part of the distribution problem. With the API, VHX is now a complete framework for anyone to build their business. We’re the well-oiled machine that runs your videos, so you can focus on making those videos.

If you're not looking for uber-customization, you can get your SVOD network started right now

We’d love to work with developers who are launching video products! Learn more and dive into the developer docs over at