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How MHz Choice Brought Broadcast Programming to SVOD

by KK Apple · May 5, 2016 · Comments

Get ready for a bunch of new favorite shows from across the pond. MHz Networks has been broadcasting international TV shows to American audiences for twenty years — now they’re bringing their catalog to a new MHz Choice digital subscription channel, powered by VHX. 

MHz started with crime dramas, but has expanded their videos to even more international mysteries, comedies, and dramas. They’re beloved by fans because, well, they’re really good at curating their library of videos. What’s the MHz Choice subscription service all about? Learn how MHz has shifted their focus to SVOD content strategy and what they’re bringing to fans with their new apps. 

Why did you start your own online subscription service?

As a result of more and more people severing the cable cord, there has been an explosion of niche SVOD channels and OTT products. With our unique and unparalleled catalog of over 2000 hours of international crime fiction, comedies, dramas, and documentaries MHz Choice is the natural extension of MHz Networks. Our MHz Choice SVOD platform transforms MHz Networks from a broadcaster that is available in 38 million households to a SVOD service available in every U.S. household with an internet connection.  

How did you build you audience?

MHz Networks has been a regional broadcaster for the past 20 years. In the past seven, our signature service, MHz Worldview has delivered international news and entertainment in English to over 30 markets across the US. MHz Networks introduced the U.S. to Al Jazeera English and has also delivered a bouquet of other international news services including France 24 (France), RT (Russia), CCTV (China), and NHK (Japan). We have grown our audience through a combination of increased market exposure, a keen focus on quality content, and through word of mouth advertising from a multitude of loyal, vocal and intelligent viewers. 

Why did you decide to switch your technology to VHX?

MHz Networks is not a technology company, we are a media company. We need to spend our resources telling our entertaining and compelling stories, not on developing a video delivery platform. We needed a company whose business it is to continually update and maintain industry best practices and technology and to be able to evolve as new methods of content delivery are introduced. The ability for a company to be able to absorb our customer service inquiries was also critical. So for us, VHX was an obvious choice. 

What new stuff are you doing with content that subscribers should get excited about?

We concentrate on the content though clean and simple delivery. What excites our viewers most is that several times each month, MHz Choice premieres new series, new episodes, and new seasons of on-going series. We have also broadened our content from a well-honed focus on crime fiction to a broader catalog including an array of dramas, comedies, and documentaries. In late Spring 2016, MHz Choice will be the only place in the U.S. to feature the latest two installments of internationally beloved crime series, Detective Montalbano starring Luca Zingaretti.

How do you curate your content?

We look for interesting stories with interesting characters our viewers can become intimately familiar with over the course of a series. Many of our programs are based on literary properties that can be found on the shelves of most American book stores — Detective Montalbano, Inspector Brunetti, and Kurt Wallander, for example. 

What should a new viewer start with?

Definitely Detective Montalbano is the property that started it all for our crime fiction collection. Based on the Andrea Camilleri novels and set in Sicily, it’s a wonderful example of how literary crime fiction can be so richly adapted for television. MHz Choice will premier the latest two feature-length episodes of the series later this spring. Also there is Spiral, a dark, gritty and realistic series from France that explores all sides of the French criminal and judicial system. The most recent season, Season 5, won the International Emmy Award for best drama. A French Village has received critical and raves from MHz Choice viewers. This saga follows the fate of a singular French village under occupation during WWII and features many of the same cast members as Spiral. Viewers can also explore our catalog by choosing genres and different countries of origin. Exploring MHz Choice is like exploring the world.

Subscribe to MHz Choice and get access to their whole library of international shows! 

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