Launch your own video apps on every platform

by Casey Pugh · January 6, 2016 · Comments

When we started VHX, our goal was to close the gap between video creators and their audience, giving publishers the tools to sell video directly.  As consumer video behavior shifts from web to mobile/TV, we want to help sellers continue to be where their fans are. 

So we are very excited to announce the VHX app suite: White-label video apps that put your brand first on iOS, Apple TV, Android, and Roku devices. 

These apps are built to look like you — they’re designed around your artwork and branding to promote the content. Consumers can organically find your app in the app store, so the user-end experience is even more seamless for discovery. VHX-powered apps also feature in-app subscriptions, making it easy to convert new fans into customers with just a few taps. 

And we take care of all the tech! From video hosting to app development and app store submission. This is a big deal for video makers, as you would otherwise have to hire your own development team, work with multiple vendors, and spend a lot of money to get on all of these platforms. Content creators can feel confident that their apps are working properly and their subscribers have a great user experience. So publishers can focus on doing what they do best…making videos.     

VHX is now a complete multi-platform technology for running your own streaming video service. This is huge for publishers big and small: TV networks, studios, distributors, production companies, YouTubers, and everything in between. Our goal is to ensure all of our sellers have direct access to their audience and can build a thriving business of their own. 

Read more about the VHX app suite and get started launching your own. 

If you’re not interested in branded apps, that’s cool too! Viewers can use the universal VHX app to watch video on all their devices.