New for Branded Apps: Convert More With In-App Subscriptions

by Casey Pugh · June 1, 2016 · Comments

We’re always working to improve our branded apps. Helping any kind of subscription video sellers reach their audience — and new audiences — on any device is huge. (Reminder: Your audiences are definitely mobile.) 

That’s why we built in-app subscriptions! It’s a new payment feature for VHX-powered apps that allows customers to subscribe instantly inside iOS, Roku, and Android devices. After downloading your app to their AppleTVs, iPads, and Android smartphones, customers can use their existing Apple or Google Play account to subscribe with a tap. And your fans with Roku devices can pay for your subscription channel with a simple click of their remote. 

In-app subscriptions give sellers a new avenue to grow their subscription base on devices everywhere. Some other seller benefits that we’re excited about:

  • Better conversion. A one-click payment option inside your app means way less friction for your customers to become subscribers. We’ve already seen success with one of our top sellers: Viewers who find their app in the app store are 33% more likely to start a free trial than viewers on the web. 
  • Better retention. Credit card expiration is one of the most common churn factors for subscription networks (churn = your customers leaving). Customers who subscribe with their Apple, Roku, or Google Play accounts are less likely to drop off, because they have up-to-date credit cards saved that they use for many different purchases. 
  • Marketplace discovery. A marketplace like Apple’s App Store or the Roku Channel Store are great opportunities to reach new and curious customers. They have their own search and discovery algorithms for consumers to browse — and the power of becoming a “featured app” is very real, when you have potentially millions of new eyeballs. 
  • Focused marketing. With the addition of in-app subscriptions, sellers don’t necessarily have to market a website first. You could go all-in on app marketing, focusing on app downloads, where viewers can quickly become subscribers. 

The biggest benefit? We are constantly improving VHX-powered apps. We care deeply about all of the aspects of subscribers buying and watching your videos on any device. Plus, we do all the dirty work — the tedious process of app store submission and approval. OK so it’s not dirty work, but it’s technical work. We take care of it all, so you can keep focusing on making great content that your subscribers love. And they can watch all those videos on any device.

See some in-app subscriptions in action: Download Black&SexyTV on your Roku, try MHz Choice on your iPad, or search for Nature Relaxation on your Apple TV. 

And if you're ready to expand your video network to devices everywhere,  let's chat apps!