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Holiday Marketing Tips for Your SVOD Network

by KK Apple · December 14, 2016 · Comments

It’s a challenge to think about your subscription business with all the eggnog and Hannukah gelt going around this month. Here are some marketing ideas to help you prep for the holidays and keep the cheer going. Cue crowd-pleasing seasonal music!

Have a plan

When you’re trying to up your holiday sales, it helps to think ahead. (Congrats! You’re here reading this post! That’s a great first step.) Take a little time to plan your calendar for posting on social media, sending customer emails, and updating your site. And think about the ebb and flow of the holiday season. In 2015, compared to the average we saw a 228% increase in sales on December 23rd and a 149% increase on both December 23rd and 24th. Sounds like digital videos are a pretty great last-minute gift...right? See more holiday sales data.

Tell your subscribers about gifting

If your current subscribers love your videos, they probably know a friend or family member who would love them too. Let them know how to give the gift of your subscription! Share on your social media channels, or send an email to current customers with gifting instructions. All they have to do is hit the “Gift This” button when they check out. Inspire some good old-fashioned gifting.

Be generous with discounts

Offer some special holiday discounts to make it extra easy for fans to subscribe or gift. Create a unique promo code, choose the % discount and duration — you can offer your subscribers a discounted price for 1-10 months — and share your code with the internet. You can even choose to display a promo banner to entice visitors on your site and apps. Across all VHX video sellers, we’ve seen that most popular discount is 33% off the regular price. Start making a promo.

Connect your videos with the season

Spamming anyone and everyone with “BUY BUY BUY” doesn’t feel great. Be thoughtful about how you’re promoting your work and people will respond. Maybe you have a collection of kid-friendly videos that would be perfect for families to watch around the holidays. If you’re running a fitness or wellness network, think about tying in the upcoming season of New Year’s resolutions. Or use your cooking channel to promote some Kwanzaa recipe sharing. How are you going to connect with your audience?

Curate fun holiday videos

Add some holiday flair to your video collection by organizing with categories and collections. Craft a holiday category to give your subscribers an idea of what to watch — maybe you’ve got some favorite series and a film that would be perfect for a “Cozy up by the fire” category or “Watch with the family.” Get started with a new holiday category over here. If you have more time and resources, make a brand new video wishing your subscribers all the happiest holidays!

Try out holiday social ads

Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter let you invest a little bit of money into ads when you don’t have a huge holiday budget. More importantly, you can target your audience.

Make forums merry and bright

Talk to your community! Share stories, swap gift ideas, or encourage your followers to share their favorites videos from your subscription. A personal connection keeps subscribers engaged, and coming back to your network. And that translates into a healthy business, even when it’s not the holidays. On VHX, we’ve seen that subscription networks with active forums make over 4X more revenue than those without. Get more ideas for forum engagement.

Target your message

Hone your communications by segmenting customers into groups. VHX sellers running their own subscription network can use the Customers page to filter customers and download a CSV with their emails. Import that list into your favorite email software, and you can send special holiday messages to each group. Here’s a step-by-step to start segmenting.

  • Reward long-time subscribers: Send an email to your most loyal customers with a discount for them to gift to their loved ones.
  • Woo back former subscribers: For the segment that has cancelled their subscription, give them an incentive to come back! Message out your holiday promo code with a hefty discount.
  • Re-engage followers: Filter anyone who has not purchased something from your mailing list. Offer that festive holiday discount to see if they’re ready to subscribe.

Grab even more holiday tips to help plan for the season, or share your favorites in the comments. Happy holidays, dear video friends!