Talk to Fans in Your Community Forums

by Casey Pugh · March 21, 2016 · Comments

We love helping sellers build a community around their work. So we spent a bunch of time testing a brand new feature: Forums for every VHX site!

New Community Forums

VHX publishers can engage directly with their audience in new, more flexible ways. Forums are now built in to your site (just visit forums), so you can start talking to fans even before you’re ready to sell. It’s also super easy to get feedback from customers on your content, and personalize communication for different audiences. Sellers can make a forum board private, to give special access to subscribers or fans who have purchased content. Why are customers into it? They get connected directly with the video publisher, and can meet and hang out with other fans online. Forums are a great platform to ask questions and receive extra information — particularly helpful for educational content. 

We’ve already seen some great examples of VHX sellers being smart with their forums. Yoga With Adriene started an intro board that still has incredibly high engagement. Fans of series An African City have forum threads around particular characters or episodes they love. Fitness SVOD BarBrothers uses feedback from subscribers to guide the content of future videos. 

Forums work particularly well for subscriptions and series, because fans are looking to stay engaged between new videos or episodes. On VHX, we’ve seen that SVOD sites using forums make 4.2 times more revenue than those that don’t. Moral of the story: Site forums make engagement easy, and an engaged audience is excited to be your customers. Use forums!

hot tips for starting an engaging forum 

  • Get familiar. Have a place for community members to introduce themselves and share how they became fans
  • Get fans excited. Start threads around particular episodes, characters, or content to keep the buzz going until the next video is released 
  • Q&A all day. Have a board where fans can leave questions for you to answer via that thread or in future videos 
  • Make fans feel like insiders. Use private boards to give subscribers members-only access to certain discussions. 

Read more best practices on setting up forums over in our help docs. And get going with these ideas for customer engagement

Have more ideas about forums? Let us know! We’d love to chat…about chatting.