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6 Ways to Engage Your Customers With a Custom Receipt

by Paula Rosenberg · March 1, 2016 · Comments

When a customer buys your video, that could be your last interaction. But it’s not all about the $$! Customizing the purchase experience will go a long way in engaging customers, and make them feel connected to you as the creator. Your email receipt is a great place to start. Any time someone makes a purchase, they receive an email receipt in their inbox with purchase details and a custom thank you message. Here are some VHX sellers who say “thank you” particularly well:


    When Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl directed Sound City, it was a true labor of love. So he used his custom receipt to share some personal moments from the project and his enthusiasm for the film. He also connected fans to the film’s social accounts so they could easily follow for more updates and share them with other friends.

    Sound City movie thank you receipt

    "Hey there...Thanks for scraping up your hard earned dough and buying the movie direct from our site! We're stoked! Hope you love it as much as we do....Ummm.........Holy shit! I made a movie!

    I started this project a little over a year ago with ONE of my good old friends (Jim Rota from the band Fireball Ministry). That's right....just me, my drinking buddy, and a crazy idea that we should tell the story of a studio we had loved hanging around for years, and our heartbreak to see it close. It soon blossomed into something truly epic! I don't think either of us ever imagined our little project would become what it is now. Like all the best things in life, it just.......happened.

    From day one, it was the most incredible experience of my life. I swear. Sitting down with Neil Young talking about recording guitars, John Fogerty telling me about the day he decided to become a musician, Stevie Nicks telling me the story of how she joined Fleetwood Mac, Trent Reznor schooling me on the world of computers and digital technology, etc etc etc.....can you imagine? All I had to do was listen...I am the luckiest man on earth.

    And, being a completely independent film, no one told us how or what to do! Me and my crew of under 20 people did it OUR way. It was like a keg party with a camera. WE got to tell the story of a place we all held so dear. WE wanted to do it justice. And I think we did. But, SOUND CITY is only part of the story.....

    What is it that happens when 4 people turn on, plug in, and really play that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up? What is it about those moments when you hear something and it immediately puts its hooks in you, and you feel.....understood? What is it that will inspire the next generation of kids wanna do what I did when I was a little punk growing up in Springfield, Virginia? That feeling like, "Wait......I can do this too.....

    That's what I'm talking about. That human connection. That human feel. That human sound...that isn't perfect...but it's sooooo good. I really feel like SOUND CITY is my life's most important work. I hope you do too. Psyched that you get to see it! Show it to your friends! Get together, start a band, sound like shit, and change the world. GO!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.........Dave

    Keep up to date on all Sound City news on Twitter ( and Facebook (”


    Series Superhero in Training offers packages for fitness programs to get you as buff as Wonder Woman in ten weeks. To keep customers motivated during training, they use their message to promote resources like forums, where fans connect and get excited about the videos together.

    "Hey guys!

    Thanks so much for purchasing the Season Pass for Julianna's Workout Program! Hopefully you'll enjoy this process... well, maybe not enjoy haha, but hopefully you'll get a lot out of it!

    The program is designed to be instructional. So not so much a follow-along-to-fun-music workout video as much as a week by week program with explanations on how to do each exercise to use as reference on your journey.

    You'll also have access to a forum for program users only where you can interact with other people on the program, post results, motivate each other, and every once in a while ask Steve and us questions directly!

    Thanks again, let us know if you have any questions or issues and good luck!

    We believe in you, I mean, hey, if we could do it YOU CAN TOO!

    Heart, Steve, Clint, Julianna, Joe, and Cruz"


    If customers become fans, they want to know what’s coming next. When Black&SexyTV released their feature That Guy, they also let their fans know about the launch of their upcoming video subscription service. It got people excited about future projects, and helped turn one-time purchasers into monthly subscribers and mega fans.

    "Thank you for being one of the first fans to purchase the THAT GUY Movie!  This is the very first feature length movie release from BLACK&SEXY.TV. Your purchase enables us to continue to bring you good content, longer and more often. Premium Subscriptions coming February 2015! Let us know how you feel. Feel free to tweet us @blackandsexytv or email:

    Dennis, Numa, Brian, Jeanine and the whole BLACK&SEXY Team"


    Your receipt may be delivered by email servers, but it doesn’t have to feel like it’s coming from a robot. Speak in your own voice! For Mistaken for Strangers, The National frontman Matt Berninger offered a very honest overview of the documentary and the whirlwind tour it depicts. His humor and humility resonated with customers because it felt genuine, just like the film.


    This is Matt, Tom’s brother. Both Tom and I just want to say thank you so so much for buying this movie directly from us. We’re both REALLY proud of this thing, and we hope you love it as much as we do.

    I thought I'd throw my brother a bone by giving him a job as a roadie for The National... and somehow he turned it into a weird odyssey of conflict, comedy, heartbreak and ultimately (maybe) triumph?

    When he came on tour, Tom had never been to Europe, so he brought along a little digital camera with the thought of making a personal “tour diary” that the National could put on our website. What he ended up capturing, often by accident, turned out to be MUCH more revealing (sometimes humiliating) and much more interesting than anyone in the band ever expected.

    Without spoiling anything, I'll just say that you're going to see what it’s really like to be a band on tour, but MORE IMPORTANTLY you're going to see a “warts and all” story about family, frustration and the sometimes ugly struggle to make something worthwhile.

    You’ll see me lose my shit a couple times; you’ll see Tom fall apart (one time drunk and another time just sad); and you’ll see more of Bryan than he probably wants anyone to see. You’ll also see The National doing what we do (whatever that is exactly). Somehow, I think Tom’s movie shows it better that anything else ever has.

    Mostly, I’m just really happy that people are going to see this thing. The fact that you will watch this movie is, in a way, the REAL ENDING of the movie. Thank you again SO SO MUCH. Matt PS. Tom and I want to add that Brandon Reid, The National’s tour manager, is not nearly as big of an a-hole as he might come across in the movie. We took some creative liberties there. As Tom says, every movie needs a Darth Vader.

    Keep up to date on all Mistaken for Strangers news on Twitter ( and Facebook ("


    Who doesn’t love a discount? Birth Story included a coupon code in their email receipt, giving customers the opportunity to gift a discounted digital copy. This kind of incentive makes it even easier for customers to tell their friends about how much they love your videos.

    "Thank you so much for streaming and downloading Birth Story directly from us, the filmmakers. Your purchase supports independent film and ensures that we can keep making documentaries!

    If you enjoy Birth Story and wish to send it along to a friend, use discount code *** at checkout for $2 off your gift.

    Independent projects like this make more of an impact when you share your discovery with friends. We are grateful for your tweets, posts, likes, and pins!

    Best wishes, Sara and Mary"


    Some video content is inspired by a cause or movement, and your thank you email is a great place to highlight that mission. It’s also an opportunity to connect customers to a particular charity or organization that aligns with your work. Documentary Sign Painters took the time to speak about the spirit of their film’s subject and encourage fans to continue supporting independent creators.


    We want to extend a sincere thank you for supporting this project and to those involved with it’s making. After working on the project for roughly four years, editing over 120 hours of footage, and traveling thousands of miles, we couldn’t be more please to have our documentary Sign Painters out in the world. From the beginning our goal with this project was to make a film that was both embraced by the sign industry as well as the general public. We hope that after watching you are inspired, nostalgic and most importantly more aware of the work these sign painters create who have shaped the way we ingest information.

    The making of this film was beyond rewarding, and your support is the icing on the cake. Thank you for supporting independent film, and remember… Support your local sign painter.


    Faythe Levine & Sam Macon Co-directors, Sign Painters"

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