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10 ideas to up your holiday sales game

by KK Apple · December 15, 2015 · Comments

It’s somehow already the holidays! And we all know 'tis the time for lots of sales. But what does that mean when you’re selling video? Here are ten things you can do right now to get your holiday marketing game together for 2015. 

1. Give the gift of gifting

Digital video is a great gift for friends and family, especially for last-minute shoppers: On VHX, we see a big sales jump on Christmas Eve (+112%), and Christmas Day (+244%). So offer a festive discount! It’s a big incentive for your fans to start gifting — all they have to do is hit the “Gift This” button when they check out. 
Create a holiday coupon.

2. Thank your superfans

Send an email to existing customers with a holiday greeting and a big fat thank you. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just genuine. You could even offer them an exclusive holiday coupon to pass on to their loved ones.
How to message your customers directly.

3. Craft a special holiday package

Try selling a new package, chock full of extras, just for the holiday season (a time limit always helps.) If you’ve been thinking about adding new bonus material, or just want to experiment, now’s the time!
Start a new video package

4. Get visual

Make some holiday-themed images to brighten up your social media channels. It’s a fun way to grab attention, especially if you’re offering something new for the holidays.
Make sure your social media accounts are easy to find.

5. Use your live events

The people who come out to support your film in person are probably some of your biggest fans, so pass out coupons for digital copies. No time to plan? You can always have a few coupons in your back pocket to give out at the dreaded office holiday party. 
How to download random coupon codes.

6. Make fun holiday videos

Video is your medium! Shoot a video greeting for your fans, add it to an existing package, and they’ll instantly have access. 
Add a new video to a package.

7. Try $1

Get creative with pricing: Set a super low price for a limited-time window (like Christmas to New Year’s Eve) and offer a Pay What You Want option for fans to give beyond that. Try $1 and leave room for lots of generosity! 
Turn on PWYW pricing.

8. Customize your thank you emails

After a customer buys your video, they get a “Thank You” email with their receipt. It’s customizable, and your chance to get personal. So offer your heartfelt thanks and holiday wishes, and maybe throw in a few Santa & menorah emojis.
Update your thank you email.

9. Give away a bunch of free copies

It’s the season of giving! Give out free copies to spread the word before the new year, or offer a free trial if you’re running a subscription. On VHX, we’ve seen that free can pay off in the long term. 
Start the giveaway

10. Track your sales

After all these marketing tips, holidays can mean lots of sales. So make sure you’re tracking how people are buying. The VHX Admin gives you tons of information about your customers, to help you make smart sales decisions on the fly. You can even integrate with Google Analytics for a deeper dive. 
Check out the stats on your dashboard

What other marketing tips do you have for video publishers? We'd love to hear all the gory, cheery details. Happy video holidays!