Launch your own Apple TV app

Focus on what you do best - Making video!

Easily launch your own native, branded app for Apple TV. You manage the content, we take care of developing and shipping to the App Store.

Your Brand First

Your custom Apple TV app is designed around the artwork that ties your brand together, giving you 100% creative control. The app icon, App Store preview, and banner artwork all work together to promote your content and brand.

Easy App Store Discovery

This app is yours! Since the VHX-powered app is submitted on its own, your app lives under your name and marketing. Users can come across your content organically.


Your fans can become customers in just a click! Payment options are built into your app, so anyone can use their Apple account to start a free trial or subscribe instantly on their Apple TV.

Same Great VHX Web Interface

Manage your videos, users, and transactions the same way you manage all your other apps. Finally, you can track all your sales and video analytics in one place!