VHX powers your video business.

We have been making the best technology, tools, and analytics for selling video since 2012. In 2016, we joined the Vimeo family to continue empowering creators to sell their work from their own website, directly to their audience. Our open distribution platform helps anyone, big or small, launch a successful streaming video network.

Our sellers have distributed TV shows, films, comedy specials, live concerts, lectures, web series, fitness, education, and more. They have have grossed over 1.5 million happy customers to date.

“They have the same love for experimentation and data that we do. And when you’re dealing with this new digital distribution landscape, those are two of the most powerful things you can have. ”

James Swirsky

“@vhxtv Just want to say you guys are doing rly cool stuff. VHX has come up in convo’s I’ve had dozens of times between SXSW and Sound City. ”


“We can't wait to see an @kickstarter funded film get distributed via @vhxtv take home an Oscar. The revolution will be streamed.”


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